How To Publish On Webtoon

A Step-by-Step Guide How To Publish On Webtoon

Webtoon is a popular platform for webcomics and offers a fantastic opportunity for artists and writers to share their stories with a global audience. If you’re eager to publish your own webcomic on Webtoon, follow this comprehensive step-by-step guide to get started.

Create Your Webtoon Account:

Visit the Webtoon website or download the Webtoon app.
Sign up for an account using your email or social media profiles.

Develop Your Webcomic:

Conceptualize your story and characters.
Plan out the storyline and episodes.
Decide on the art style and format.

Prepare Your Art:

Ensure your artwork is high-quality and visually appealing.
Create your webcomic episodes in a vertical format (800×1280 pixels recommended).

Craft a Captivating Thumbnail:

Design an eye-catching thumbnail image to attract readers.

Format Your Episodes:

Webtoon’s canvas size is 800×1280 pixels, with a maximum file size of 2MB.
Save your episodes in a PNG or JPG format.
Be mindful of image quality and readability.

Set Up Your Series:

Click “Create” and select “Series” to start your webcomic.
Add details such as the title, description, genre, and tags.

Upload Your Episodes:

Click “Create” and select “Episode” to upload your first episode.
Add your prepared images and text.
Preview and save your episode.

Promote Your Webcomic:

Share your series on social media.
Engage with your readers through comments and community features.

Monetize Your Work (Optional):

Once your series gains popularity, consider joining the Webtoon Ad Revenue Program or Patreon.

Be Consistent:

Stick to a regular upload schedule to keep your readers engaged.
Interact with Your Audience:
Respond to comments and feedback to build a loyal fanbase.
Keep Learning:
Continuously improve your art and storytelling skills.

Publishing your webcomic on Webtoon is a rewarding journey that allows you to connect with a diverse audience. By following this guide and staying committed to your craft, you can share your stories with the world and potentially build a successful career in webcomics.

How Much Do Webtoon Artists Make

Webtoon artists’ earnings can vary widely based on several factors, and it’s essential to understand the intricacies of their income sources and the webtoon industry itself.

Webtoon Platforms: There are several webtoon platforms such as LINE Webtoon, Tapas, and Lezhin Comics. These platforms typically pay artists through a revenue-sharing model, where they receive a portion of the ad and subscription revenue generated by their content.

Ad Revenue: Most webtoon platforms offer ad revenue to creators based on the number of views and engagement their content receives. The more popular a webtoon is, the higher the ad revenue. However, ad revenue alone may not be substantial, especially for new or less well-known artists.

Subscription Models: Some webtoon platforms offer subscription-based services where readers pay a monthly fee to access premium content. Creators can earn a share of this subscription revenue. Established artists with a large following can make a significant income from subscriptions.

Canvas and Originals: Webtoon platforms often differentiate between “Canvas” (user-generated content) and “Originals” (professionally curated and promoted content). Earnings for Canvas creators tend to be lower, while Originals artists often receive advances and higher revenue shares.

Merchandising: Successful webtoon artists may have opportunities to sell merchandise related to their series, such as posters, t-shirts, or mugs. This can provide an additional income stream.

Patreon and Crowdfunding: Some artists supplement their income by using platforms like Patreon, where they offer exclusive content to subscribers in exchange for financial support. Crowdfunding campaigns for specific projects are also common.

Intellectual Property (IP) Rights: In some cases, webtoon artists retain rights to their intellectual property, allowing them to explore adaptations into other media, such as movies or TV shows. These deals can be lucrative but are generally reserved for highly successful series.

Consistency and Quality: Consistently updating and maintaining the quality of webtoons is essential for attracting and retaining readers, which, in turn, impacts earnings.

It’s important to note that the income of webtoon artists can range from very modest to quite substantial, with some top artists making a significant income. However, achieving success in this field often involves a combination of talent, hard work, marketing, and a bit of luck. Moreover, it can take time to build an audience and start earning a substantial income. Many webtoon artists start as a hobby or side gig and gradually transition into full-time creators as they gain popularity.

The webtoon industry is dynamic and evolving, and the income potential for artists may change over time as the industry and platforms continue to grow and adapt to new trends and technologies.

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